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Wannabe Puppy

Megan: Owner/ Head Trainer

Meg McDonald Nguyen resides in Shawnee with her husband, Kevin and three fur-kiddos Denali, Finnley, and Ralph and one human child, Jaisley. In her spare time, Meg loves to do all things sports related with her husband: Go to Chiefs, Sporting KC, and KU games, and play sand volleyball. She loves taking her furry kids on walks whenever she can, and exploring the outdoors. 

Meg attended the University of Kansas where she got her BA in Psychology. After that she went to MNU where she got her MA in Counseling. Counseling left Meg very stressed and burnt out. After exploring various career options, she landed in the animal field. Behavior, dogs, sports, and holistic health are her passions!

snow nali.jpg

Siberian Husky

Denali: Alpha Wolf-Princess/The Boss

Nali is the boss of the McDonald-Nguyen clan. She raised both of her siblings by a lot of her own rules, and is quick to tell them when they are doing something wrong. She is quite the loud mouth and loves to sing and howl when she is both happy, and when she does not get her way. She is highly intelligent and extremely stubborn. Her parents love to annoy her with snuggles and kisses, as she is extremely independent and does not need much affection from anyone. Denali marches to the beat of her own drum. Her favorite things about life are eating, eating, and eating. She thinks long walks, swimming, and playing fetch are pretty great too. Denali is rarely trained because she is a very good girl naturally and because she is the princess of the house and gets to do what she wants.

finn snow1.JPG

Boxer-Vizsla Mix

Finnley: #1 Love Bug

Finn loves to serve others. She has the biggest heart, is the very best listener, and adores anyone who will give her snuggles and attention. Being cuddly and sweet is her greatest asset to the team. She is great at sitting, wait, place, and heeling by her owner's sides. Her favorite things to do are snuggling, swimming, and playing fetch. Finnley has a ton of energy and can run and play for hours. She loves spending as much time as she can outside, and is a stranger to no one. She loves all 3 of her siblings and is an amazing sister. Finnley is a work-in-progress when it comes to reactivity issues. She was involved in a few major dog fights growing up that changed her submissive behavior to reactive and at times aggressive. She has come a very long way and is currently working on her fearfulness of other dogs at her fence line.

Ralph snow1.JPG

Great Dane

Ralpherson: Professional Trouble-Maker

Ralph loves to cause trouble. Counter surfing used to be his favorite past-time, along with dumping over the trash can. Even though Ralph is ornery, he is also the sweetest boy. He loves to snuggle and give hugs. Being a lap dog is his favorite, and he is quite the crack-up. Ralph adores his big sisters and little human baby and thinks they are the greatest. He is a very smart pup, highly food motivated, and learns commands very quickly, but his stubbornness often gets in the way. Ralph was born with a lot of anxiety that has gotten progressively worse as he has aged. He is highly reactive and fearful of all other animals. He continues to show amazing progress with his reactivity training and it is Meg's goal to be able to take him out into public again like he did as a baby.


Golden Retriever

Remi: Best Helper

Remington is Meg's little sister (her parent's pup). Remi is often utilized for puppies who need training around other dogs. She participates with social and reactive dogs alike! Remi loves all pups and all people. She has come a very long way with her training and is a very good girl. She is an eager participant in the training process and you will see her in a lot of our videos online accompanied by her human, Chris (Meg's Dad). 
62323A9F-1CC5-49DC-8B16-41D2687F75A1 (1).heic

Fluff/Elkhound Lover

Courtney: Trainer

Courtney lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her Fiancé Danny and their Norwegian Elkhound, Lily! Courtney is passionate about Kansas City sports and all things wildlife and animal related. Although dogs are her absolute favorite, sharks come in a close second! She enjoys spending time with her family, taking her dog for adventures, and a good true crime documentary or podcast.

After working in healthcare for 10 years, Courtney decided to follow her passion and to start working with animals. She loves teaching people how to understand their pups and how to connect with them in ways they understand! Her dog Lily is the driving force behind everything she does.
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