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The History of BOLD Dog Training

Hello and welcome! My name is Meg, and BOLD Dog Training is my business. The history of BOLD Dog Training began when I was just a child. I have grown up around dogs my entire life, and when I was in the third grade my family got our first Golden Retriever puppy, Gwennie.  I was terrified of Gwen as a puppy because she would always jump on me and bite my ankles, but as she grew up we became buddies. We treated each other as siblings, and she is where my love of dogs and exposure to dog training truly began.


After Gwen passed away, my parents got another Golden Retriever, named Sophie. Me and Soph were again very close. She was the most amazing dog, and was very well-trained. Soph had a very determined and fiery spirit.  She loved to hunt, swim, and fetch.


When Soph was around a year old my husband, Kevin,  and I got our first dog, a husky named Denali. Denali was unlike any of the other dogs I had ever had. She was NOT a people pleaser at all, and was a very rotten and stubborn puppy.  Over time, however, Denali became an amazing dog. She grew up with Sophie, and still has many Golden Retriever-like qualities to this day. You won't see too many huskies that love to swim and fetch, but Denali is one of them.


A year after Denali, came Finnley. Finn was born an angel dog,  and is quite the rule-follower. She loves to please her people and is one of the sweetest pups to ever live. It has been the easiest to train Finn, as she has the best temperament and drive.


The next puppy to enter into our lives was Kailo. Kai was an aggressive 5 month- old husky that needed a new home due to all of his issues. Kev and I decided to give it a go with Kai since we love the breed so much. We were convinced there was something we could do to help him. When we got Kai things were pretty rough. He pushed us to our limits daily, and at so many times we thought there was nothing we could do to help him. But for some reason, we never gave up. I learned as much as I could about dog training and tried to apply it all with our boy.


Through all of the blood, sweat, and tears*** Kai and I were finally able to bond with one another, and he became one of my very best buddies. Not only did he become one of my best buddies, but he did so because of dog training. We spent so much time together, and did so many repetitions of the most basic commands: sit, stay, kennel, release, come, etc. and that is where all the magic happened. It is because of this husky boy that I have seen first-hand the power of dog training and how it can truly change a dog's life.


Although I really wanted to keep Kailo forever, Kevin and I knew that he could not stay with us long term as he continued to have aggression towards Kev, and towards Denali. Kai now lives with my uncles where he is continually trained and loved.  He changed my entire mentality around what dog training is and how it can be the most powerful tool for not only misunderstood animals, but also for the average pet that wants to spend time with their humans. Before Kai, training was not my passion. He inspired me to become a trainer and to help other animals.


Letting go of Kailo was very difficult for me, so naturally I wanted another puppy. Enter Ralph. Our dufus Great Dane. Ralph is a ginormous, hilarious, pain in the booty. He continues to push me into becoming a better trainer because he does not like to listen and is extremely stubborn. Since his sisters are so well behaved now, it is his job to push me to my limits, create chaos, and make me think outside the box when it comes to training. He does a very good job at his role. 


BOLD Dog Training was born out of all of these events. It seems that the universe has been trying to get me to train dogs my entire life. Dogs are powerfully instinctive creatures, and by opening our eyes to their lessons we can gain so much. The human-animal bond is a very special and strong one, and I hope I can spread to others what I have learned about communicating with them throughout the years.









***The term blood, sweat, and tears is typically figurative. But with Kailo it was literal.

Blood incident=  He bit Kev very badly on one occasion and he probably should have gone to the hospital.

Sweat= We ran that dog nearly every day we had him. He had so much energy that needed to be released and full on sprints were our go to with him.

Tears= He pushed me to tears time after time. I wanted desperately to help him, but I did not know how to.

Rest In Doggie Paradise sweet Denali and Kailo. Gone physically but always guiding BOLD Dog Training.

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