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BOLD Dog Training was named after owner, Megan McDonald Nguyen's, Siberian Husky puppy, Denali. Our goal at BOLD Dog Training is for all dogs that we train to embody what Denali was. 

A BOLD Dog is a confident dog, a neutral dog, and one that you can take anywhere and do anything with! Do you struggle having people over to your home because of your dog's behavior? Do you wish you could take them to family functions? Want to take your dog hiking in the mountains? Want to go for a walk without your dog freaking out when it sees other dogs or people?

No matter what your goals are with you and your fur baby, we are here to help! We will take your dog from spastic to fantastic or from Cujo to calm. No matter if you are struggling with aggression, reactivity, or basic obedience, we will provide you with all of the tools you need to train your dog for a lifetime. 


***Denali passed away on 1/28/22. She is deeply missed but always guiding BOLD Dog Training. 

We Teach You How to Train Your Pup!

 We teach you the tools you need to provide long term growth for your fur-kiddo. Every dog is different, so we take a holistic approach in developing a training plan that works for you and your baby!

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